• Interior, table ready for guests
  • Mixed salad with spices on top
  • Grilled fish, mixed vegetables and dip on the side
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Chef Sosa

Chef Sosa was born and raised in Mexico, where his respect for using all ingredients originated. He was brought up to never waste any product – ever, because that was all they had. Miguel moved to Chicago at 16 and worked as a dishwasher only to discover his passion and love for cooking and creating.

He worked hard and trained with exceptional and notable chefs who have influenced his life and cooking in many ways, Chef Sosa began his culinary career at Rosewood Restaurant, a Michelin recommended fine dining establishment and trained under Chef Tino Almaraz. He continued to expand his culinary knowledge working as a Sous Chef at award winning Harry Caray’s Restaurant based in Chicago. After calling Chicago home for 15 years, Miguel and his family relocated to Vancouver, WA. He took on the role of Executive Chef at Hall Street Grill, and then proceeded to open Rose & Thorn, a new restaurant at Ilani Casino.

Early in his career Miguel knew he wanted to own a restaurant someday that would provide an intimate experience between the Chef and the Guests. An atmosphere where he can share his stories. Miguel has a unique background of using classically trained French techniques to create sauces with a Mexican inspired influence from his mother and grandmother. It doesn’t stop there, Chef Sosa is always learning and creating and has mastered a variety of global cooking techniques over the years with his unique and personal twist.

Owners Chef Miguel & Allison Sosa Welcome you to Elements